Cuatlilredbarn Count Chocula

Count chocula

DOB:  4/16/13             Extended Pedigree

This boy is here, finally.  I Love him, and not
just for his spectacular personality
and calm manner. He is such a gentleman
with the ladies and during handling.

This boy has a very strong & correct front end.
Exceedingly sharp, tight & strong in the
withers, shoulders, briskete & elbow.
From what I can tell, he has gained depth
in his chest floor & girth of heart.
This photo doesn't show what a well
extended brisket he has.

The Count has very nice body capacity,
widening out as his ribs flare back, with very
nicely spaced, flat ribs. I Love the strenth he's
showing in his hind quarters & over his
rump. Love that curvature to his hind legs!
We definitely need some new blood, so this
boy will be heavily used this season, as
I have great expectations from his genetics.


GCH CU At Lil Red Barn
JB Coco Puff *D, 2*M ~ AR2560
VEEE '90'

Coco Puff right 2014

3rd place Doe & Udder
in the 5 year old milking class
@ the 2014 ADGA Nationals

Coco Puff rear udder 2014    Coco puff left uddr 2014

Above photos courtesy of
Margo @ Lil Red Barn


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