Olson Acres LVN Dayre *S

Dayre left 62815

DOB: 3/23/13                Extended Pedigree

This Gorgeous Buck is retained from
PGCH Lost Valley JL Nairobi
PGCH/CH/MCH Wood Bridge Too Fancy *D.
Well developed barrel & excellent body capacity.

Dayre bred many does before he was 1 year.
We have retained a good many of his kids,
and plan to retain more. He is magnificent.
This boys genetics are superb and it shows.
Can't wait to freshen his doe kids.
NDGA ~  2 Grand Champion legs

Dayre progeny:
 Dew, Emberine, Queen, Raven & Versace


PGCH Lost Valley JL Nairobi *S, *B

Nairobi right 62815

Nairobi's sire is half sibling to Fairlea Marguerite
 Shown below.

Photo used courtes of Fairlea Farm

Nairobi's Dam:  ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D, 3*M 'E' 90


Photos of Nala above ~ Courtesy of Lost Valley

 Wood Bridge Too Fancy 1*M, *D 'VEEE' 90

2015 ~ 7 years old
 6th Freshening @ 3 weeks fresh -  12 hours of milk

Fancy's Dam:  CH Wood Bridge Farm Well Honeybun

In the photo above ~ Honeybun is 2nd from the right
Photos of Honeybun ~ Courtesy of Susan @ Wood Bridge Farm

Dayre's Littermate sister "
Olson Acres LVN Brynne

" Udder photos ~ Shown below

First freshening 2015 ~ Two weeks fresh
Amazing udder in every way & so nice to milk
This is an udder that will improve each year, I'm very impressed.

AGS Show Wins

ADGA Show Wins

NDGA Show Wins

Not yet shown Not yet shown 2 x GCH 6/6/15 June Jubilee

We Raise & Show Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
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We milk our does by hand & bottle raise our babies.

Our Herd Testing is Negative ~  CAE & Fecal Johnes's PCR

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