Located in S.E. Wisconsin ~ Near the IL border

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Welcome to our Farm
Where we strive to fill the needs of our herd
and our customers.

Animals For Sale

Sales Policy ~ Read @ bottom of page

No amimals from my farm remaining
I am now living goat free

However, a good friend of mine
that resides in Effingham, IL
has many very nice goats for sale
From some well known farms
with very nice genetics.

 If interested, please contact me & I can
get any information you would like.


Sales Policy ~ Read Below

Sales are made on a first come basis. An email is required to state your
 wish for a Reservation or Purchase.
No animal is considered reserved until money has been received.
We will wait one week for deposit to be received before posting
that animal as available again.

We reserve the right to retain any animal for our breeding program.
We reserve the right to refuse sale if we feel it is not in the best
interest of the animal.

At the time of reservation, plans must be made for pickup.
If pick up plans fall through, other plans must be agreed upon.
Case by case plans are made for each customer.
If a buyer does not pick up their animal(s) within the agreed upon
time frame, the animal(s) will be forfeit, and monies paid
will be as well.  We do not return money paid in good faith
for an amimal that is left hanging.

Upon pick up, any monies due should be paid in cash.
If we have agreed to accept a check, papers will be held until
that check has cleared your bank.


Kids that are reserved prior to birth, will pay the price
listed on the Breeding schedule. 
Prices on non-reserved kids may be adjusted after kids
hit the ground, after animals have been evaluated.

When multiple animals are purchased at the same time,
we will determine whether a discount will be given.
No promise is made.


We Guarantee that our animal meets inspection of buyer
upon receipt as thriving and without illness.
Since we have no control over care after the animal leaves
our premises, No guarantee of continued health can be given
once the animal leaves our care. 
Refund or replacement of animal will be provided if vet
examination shows any genetic fault.
(verification from your vet will be required)
We provide continued care via phone or email,
so please contact us with any concerns or questions.

Any illness attributed to normal goat issues, that require owner maintenance,
should be handled by new owner.
Buyer care or Lack thereof will NOT warrant return of
money OR replacement of animal.
Any cost associated with replacement of animal, such as shipping & health certificate,
will be the responsibility of buyer.


Money paid in deposit for an animal selected for purchase will not be refunded
due to change of heart or circumstance.
Please be sure that you want a specific animal prior to paying a deposit.
Case by case decisions will be considered in regard to exchange of selected animal,
once a deposit has been made. 


Reservations are tracked & filled by contact date
(Email Reservations are printed & kept on file).

After kids are born, interested parties will be contacted via phone or email.
Once I have emailed or called to inform customer that kids are on the ground,
 you have 3 days to respond. 
If you have not responded by that time, those kids will be offered to the
next person on my reservation list or listed on my Sales page.

We reserve the right to retain any kids for our breeding program.
We sometimes trade kids with Health safe farms to attain lines
rather than purchase.
This would affect availability of kids as well. 
We reserve the right to retain kids for this purpose.
Reservations will be filled as we are able. 
Feel free to give a 2nd or 3rd choice when making your selection.
Bottle fed kids are available at 4 weeks of age, but only to
experience goat handlers.
We encourage early pickup if you are able & would like
to bottle feed & bond with your new baby goat.
Babies must be bottle fed for at least 8 weeks, with good
quality Hay & pelleted grain available for nibbling.

Health Certificates

Health Cert's are provided at the buyers request, and are
mandatory when an animal is shipped via airlines.
Vet charge is the responsibility of buyer. Gas charge applies if
the animal is transported to the veterinary office
 (charge will depend upon the current cost of gas).
Current cost of the actual Health certificate will be determined
once vet has been contacted.
If picking up an animal at our farm or via a show we are
attending, a health certificate is provided at the buyers request.


We ship out of Milwaukee International Airport, in WI.
Milwaukee Airport no longer has a Live Cargo department,
therefore transport of the animal must be booked
from the front desk, along with other passengers,
which makes this process a frustrating endeavor.
Their lack of knowledge in dealing with Live Cargo at the front desk,
 makes this action time consuming.
We are forced to add a $25 Airport Fee to cover our expense
and time for this service.
Parking fee & Baggage Cart rental are included in the Airport Fee.

Costs associated with shipping - See Below.

Crate ~ Depends upon size (We shop for the best deal available)
We have found that it is less costly to the customer if we purchase
a crate here for shipment of the animal.

Health certificate ~ Current cost in 2011/2014 has been
approximately $45 - $50 consistently.

Trip to Vet & Airport at current cost of gas.

Airport fee ~  $25. - Due to discontinuation of Live Cargo Dept. @ the Milwaukee Airport

We keep these costs as low as we are able.  We have shipped many animals & can certainly empathize.

The customer reimburses expenses in full prior to shipping. (Vet bill, crate purchase & Services) 

Many photos on this site are taken by myself, however...
Many Photos are being used with Individual Permission from the Photographer.
Please Do Not use Pictures unless permission has been granted, and when granted, always give photo credit accordingly.
Thank you ~ !

To give real service you must add something
 which cannot be bought or measured with money.
 That is sincerity and integrity."

Cell:  (262) 705-1417

Pleasant Prairie, WI (S.E. Wisconsin)
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