Olson Acres WBR Scandal

Kid price ~ $400

Scandal right side 80815 

DOB: 6/22/14               Extended Pedigree

This Gorgeous girl is a replica of her dam at the same age.
She is so much like Fancy, even in personality.
She stands out because she refuses to
stand with the crowd. She knows her own
mind and is just too smart for her own good,
and Quite the little escape artist.

For quite a long time Scandal refused to stay penned
with her mini herd. She continued to squeeze
herself through the fence, escaping captivity.
She is quite a beautiful little doe and we hope
she continues to develop as nicely as Fancy.

She is a little renegade still. Never follows the others,
Even when I try to lead them to the pasture with grain.
No fail, she heads right to the barn for some "me" time.
Such a little stinker & quite Fearless~!

Sire:  Wood Bridge Farm November Rain

Rain's Dam:  CH Bomahook Acres HSRD Demi Plie'

In the photo above ~ Demi is 2nd from left
Photos of demi are shown courtesy of Susan @ Wood Bridge Farm

Dam: PGCH/CH/MCH Wood Bridge Farm Too Fancy *D

2015 ~ 7 years old
 6th Freshening @ 3 weeks fresh -  12 hours of milk

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